Building Teams with Purpose

We help modern professionals and innovative companies achieve their full potential.

We are an organizational strategy firm that helps companies attract, hire, advance, and retain top talent.

An organizational strategy firm with a track record of success

We’ve scaled 500+ tech companies across revenue and  technology roles. From the first call, you’ll find our advisors are industry experts who can help you leverage our domain expertise in building word class teams.

A tech company using data to drive matchmaking

We leverage machine learning algorithms, technology automation, and cloud based software to provide a holistic solution for all parties to work towards our mission of delivering a seamless recruitment experience.

Our vision

Career transitions can be an incredibly humbling period of self-reflection, tough conversations, and confrontations with life’s little realities. While technology can help us connect to each other, it’s not a replacement for great advice and the personal touch of a human being.

At CloserIQ, we are building a holistic talent strategy firm that believes technology should displace mundane tasks, improve human to human interactions, and produce better outcomes. 

Our work

Hire top talent

We specialize in helping high growth companies scale through best practices in organizational design, compensation frameworks and interview methodology.

Grow your career

Our talent advisors help top talent connect with innovative companies who can offer opportunities for career growth, professional development, and increased earnings potential.

Join our team

Our Talent Advisory program provides you training with fundamentals you need, in a vibrant workplace with fun and respectful colleagues; meaningful work and a career path that you can control.

Our recruitment philosophy

  • Recruit with passion. We believe great recruiters are genuinely passionate about who they are recruiting for. We invest time upfront in learning about your product, market, and team culture so we can tell your story to the community.
  • Listen and refine. We ask tough questions, try to deeply understand your goal, and then help you build the right plan. This is the only way we know how to be a true thought partner.
  • Challenge customers to think long term. We believe your long term goals should guide your short term decision making, not the other way around.
  • Be kind but speak candidly. 100% of the demand for our services is through referrals and word of mouth. This is because we tell it how we see it, even if it’s not an easy conversation.
  • Keep good company. We look for partners that share our values in integrity, fairness and mutual respect.
  • Recruitment is a team sport. When competing for top talent, our best partners are ones who treat us like a teammate rather than a vendor.

Roles we recruit for

Revenue Talent

– Sales Development Representative
– Account Executive
– Enterprise Account Executive
– Sales Director
– Account Manager and Customer Success
– SDR and AE Manager
– CRO / VP of Sales

Tech Talent

– Full-stack Engineers
– Front-end Engineers
– Back-end Engineers
– UI/UX Engineers
– Product Managers
– Engineering Managers
– QA Engineers
– Data / ML Engineers



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