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5 Free Smartphone Apps Every Field Sales Professional Should Have

Technology has managed to become one of the most important factors in our daily lives: we store our lives on our tablets, we bring our laptops everywhere, and we’re practically non-functional when our smartphones get lost. Even in our careers, smartphones play a huge role — there are many apps that can help you stay organized and on top of your game.

Below is a compiled list of five free apps that all field salespeople should be using:


This app will let you scan any types of documents, business plans, business cards, etc. and upload them to Dropbox or Google Docs, allowing you to access them as soon as you get back to your computer. This is a great app for any salesperson going door-to-door and selling, as you might come across some information you need to save for later.

Available for: iPhone and iPad


For those of you driving to different clients, this app will eliminate the hassle of metered parking. No longer will you have run out of time on your meter, worry about forgetting to put in more coins or risk getting a ticket. The app will notify you 15 minutes before your time is up at the meter and let you print receipts documenting how much time and money you spent at said meter.

Available for: iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry

If you have trouble getting your to-do list done throughout the day and lose track of meetings and pitch sessions, comes in and helps you. The app syncs your to-do lists across all your devices and gently reminds you when you have tasks coming up. That means that it is even easier to remember you have a meeting with HR at 4 p.m. when the app has reminded you in the morning.

Available for: iPhone and Android


Taking notes or calls during meetings has never been easier with Evernote. Instead of lugging around a large, cumbersome notebook to all of your meetings, you can keep everything in one place. It is also a great place for you to store everything you would normally have a large file drawer for: links, notes, presentations, etc. Evernote is free for up to 60MB of data each month.

Available for: iPhone and Android


For those of you in big cities, navigating mass transportation has never been easier. HopStop provides you with the information you need when traveling by subway, bus or train: where it stops, when it will stop, if it is a local or express line, etc. Even the most savvy of commuters need help sometimes and if you’re in a new city, you will definitely need this app saved for an emergency.

Available for: iPhone, iPad, web

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