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7 Reasons Why Sales Jobs Are Great for Recent Grads

Finding your first full-time job is a scary process. Between reading through endless amounts of job specs, calling and texting everyone you know to ask if their company is hiring, meeting with recruiters and perfecting your resume for what may be the tenth time, looking for a job can sometimes be even more stressful than having one. You might not even be sure of what career path you want to go down anymore. A sales job is something you might not have even considered – but is actually a great avenue for a recent grad to explore. Read on to hear 7 reasons why a sales job can be great for a recent grad.

Rapid Career Growth

Nowadays, you’re more likely thinking about where you’ll be in ten years than where you’ll be in the next two weeks. Sales is one of few career paths that can give you a clear trajectory and allows you to have rapid career growth. You can start at an entry-level role researching prospective clients (commonly known as a Sales Development Representative) and within a year be promoted to a deal closing Account Executive position – how many other of your peers can say the same thing? It’s important to know where you’re headed in your career and sales can show you a clear path to success.

You’ll grow your professional network 10-fold

In any industry, you’ll be meeting new people and making connections. In sales, you’re talking to many new people a day that you can connect and potentially build a relationship with. Sure, in college you met new people, but the professional world is a whole new space. Sales can give you the opportunity to constantly be meeting new people and discovering new opportunities day in and day out.

Higher paycheck than most

Even if money isn’t your first concern when looking for a new job, let’s admit it: it’s nicer to make more than to make less. Most entry-level roles are all around the same range, but when it comes to sales opportunities, you not only get the entry-level base salary but commission opportunities on top. Many people are scared of sales because they think it is a solely commission based role – that’s not true! You have a base salary and earn commissions on top of that, ultimately making more than most entry-level salaries on the market.

You won’t be held back because of what you majored in

Just because you majored in theater instead of business doesn’t mean you can’t get a job in sales – sales welcomes all backgrounds! Whether you have a journalism, accounting, marketing or English degree, sales utilizes skills from all over. You won’t be held back from applying to sales jobs just because your major isn’t business.

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Establishes a professional foundation

No matter what career path you eventually find yourself on, the skills that you will build in your sales career will be transferable to any future business or job. You will be interacting with customers for the rest of your projected career, so having the skills to interact well with and learn what customers really want is important. Sales will teach you how to connect to customers, build those connections and keep yourself in tune with your customers, no matter what role you’re in.

Enhances a transferable skill set

Like the previous point, the skills you learn in a sales position are transferable to any future business or job – and this goes further than just interacting with customers. You’ll learn how to effectively manage your time, solve problems effectively and the art of persistence. You won’t be quick to give up after spending time in sales – you’ll learn the importance of the follow-up and be able to capitalize on that in your future career!

Sales teams are fun

If you are an outgoing person and enjoy meeting other social people, then you will probably love the culture of a sales team. The sales culture of a company can be a great extension of your college experience. Most startups will offer fun perks like regular happy hours, team building events, and networking opportunities to welcome new hires to the team. It’s scary going into a whole new professional life after college – sales teams that are fun and inclusive will make the transition a whole lot easier.

If you haven’t considered a career in sales before, take the time and look at a few job specs. It’s a career path that will benefit you in the long-run and a great environment for recent grads to jump into when beginning their professional career.

Katie Cole

Katie is the Content Strategist at NewsCred. Previously, she was the Content Specialist at CloserIQ.