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11 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Salespeople

We’re not going to lie – Christmas shopping is difficult. Finding gifts (often last-minute) for various family members and trying to figure out whether or not it’s really that impersonal to just buy a gift card – it’s a stressful time.

To make things a little bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of gifts to get the salesperson in your life. Whether it’s a cool new gadget or something a bit bigger, we’ve got you covered:

1. Wifi Cufflinks

Both chic and useful, outside sales reps will rejoice. With these cufflinks, they’ll never find themselves in a situation without wifi again.

2. Ted Baker Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Salespeople do quite a bit of traveling – and the winter months can get brutal. Reward your hardworking sales reps by giving them a great pair of leather gloves they can wear while they use their smartphone – they’ll be impressed.

3. A Yoga Studio Membership

Sales can be a stressful industry – and what better way to relax and de-stress than with a yoga class every week? There are plenty of great studios and the sales rep in your life will thank you for a clearer aura.

4. A Sleek Day Planner

Sure, the future is technology, but how often is your Google Calendar so full you can barely see when your next appointment is? A physical day planner can hold all of your personal appointments and anything else you want it to – that way you can keep your personal appointments and your work appointments separate. You’ll never be overwhelmed again.

5. A Chair That Won’t Throw Out Your Back

This is a bit on the pricier end, but if you want to go all out this Christmas and really please your salesperson, buy them a chair that their back will appreciate. For inside sales teams, this will be a dream. We all know that sitting in one position all day is bad for your body, so instead of a standing desk, try a chair that will support and engage their muscles.

6. Coffee Warmer USB Hub

No one likes drinking lukewarm coffee. Salespeople are always recharging on coffee, and this warmer just got better with the addition of 4 USB ports. Warm your coffee and charge your gadgets at the same time – what could be better?

7. Tickets to a sporting event

If you’re a good salesperson, chances are you’ve got high energy – something that makes you the ideal sporting fan. Tickets to an upcoming football, basketball or hockey game are a definite win for the salesperson in your life.

8. Mini basketball hoop for the office

Every top performer needs a break every now and then, and what better way to get some muscle movement into your day than shooting a few hoops from your desk?

9. Old fashioned cocktail set

The salesperson in your life deserves a cocktail for all the closes they’ve made – so why not get them a classic, old fashioned cocktail set? This is definitely a reason to love coming home every day.

10. Send them to a standup comedy class

We’ve all heard that improv classes are great for salespeople – but what’s even better is a standup comedy class. You have the entire stage and you’re there to perform – and you’ll definitely know whether you’re doing well or not. The next time you have a demo, you’ll see the benefits of this class pay off.

11. Trunk Club membership

It pays to be well-dressed, especially in sales. Trunk Club gives you a VIP experience where clothes are presented to you in a streamlined fashion and you can pick what you like, all while drinking a nice glass of whiskey or craft beer.

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Katie Cole

Katie is the Content Strategist at NewsCred. Previously, she was the Content Specialist at CloserIQ.