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12 NYC Sales Team Outings That Don’t Involve Alcohol

Sales team outings are good for business. Not only do they provide your team a chance to bond with each other, but they also can help improve employee retention. Your sales representatives are more likely to remain loyal to the company if they feel that the company cares about them.

Trips to the bar and cocktail parties are popular choices for sales team outings. But to mix up your social events and appeal to a wide range of personalities, you should also include team outings that don’t involve alcohol.

Here are 12 fun sales team outing ideas in NYC that don’t involve alcohol:

Volunteer as a group. (Free)

Volunteering has been scientifically proven to improve both mental and physical health. Your sales team can volunteer as a group to reap these benefits and give back to the community at the same time. Habitat for Humanity NYC is always looking for volunteers to help build and rehabilitate affordable housing in the city. Work hard for a day, and then go out for ice cream afterwards.

Other volunteer opportunities abound in the city, such as helping out at animal shelters or soup kitchens.

Watch a free movie at Bryant Park. (Free)

During the summer, Bryant Park hosts free movies, usually on Monday nights. Showings begin at sunset, though the park opens for picnickers at 5 p.m. Enjoy a showing of a classic movie—and make sure to bring blankets and plenty of snacks for everyone. Bryant Park typically posts the movie schedule in mid-May.

Go out for pizza. ($)

NYC offers some of the best pizza in the world, so you should take advantage of the deliciousness. To add a little extra fun to the endeavor, try a pizza crawl. Your team can sample pizza from all of the city’s finest pizzerias, including John’s, Roberta’s, and Paulie Gee’s.

nyc pizza

Organize a group picnic. ($)

The city is full of great picnic locations at parks such as Central Park, Bryant Park, and Battery Park. Choose a place and date so you can enjoy a low-cost outing. Bring plenty of food, blankets, and recreational activities (Frisbees, board games, etc.)

Ice skate at Rockefeller Center. ($)

When the weather is on the colder side, your team can enjoy skating at Rockefeller Center. Although this classic NYC activity is associated with the Christmas season, the Center’s rink usually opens in early October. If you’re worried about crowds, go to the rink before peak holiday tourist season. After your team is done skating, drink hot chocolate at a nearby coffee shop.

Take a cooking class at a culinary school. ($$)

If you’ve ever watched Hell’s Kitchen and thought it seemed like fun, there’s a way to recreate the experience. My Cooking Party, based in Chelsea, offers corporate groups cooking classes. Most events begin with schmoozing over hors d’oevres. Then, your group prepares your own meal. Cooking classes are as short as an hour and a half or as long as three hours. This outing presents a great twist on the traditional team dinner, with the added bonus that your sales representatives will be working together to put great food on the table.

preparing grilled salmon steak

Enjoy a trip on the Circle Line. ($$)

Yes, it’s tourist-y and a little cheesy, but you’d be surprised by the bonding that can take place on an two and a half hour-long cruise around Manhattan. You can take the Circle Line as regular passengers, or charter a separate cruise for groups of fifteen people or more. The Circle Line also offers semi-private access for groups of 30 to 50 passengers.

Explore a museum together. ($$)

NYC is home to many of the finest museums in the world, including the Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Museum of Modern Art. If you want to be a little outrageous, pick a more obscure museum such as the Morbid Anatomy Museum. Several of these museums offer group tours and private receptions.

Attend a show on Broadway or off-Broadway. ($$$)

Although this outing is on the more expensive side, nothing is more New York than Broadway. Treating your employees to a show is a surefire way to show them that they are appreciated. To get a good deal on tickets, select a show that’s been around for a while and go for a matinee performance. If Broadway is still a little pricey for your budget, there are a plethora of off-Broadway shows to choose from.

times square broadway

Take your sales reps out to the ballgame. ($$$)

Taking in a ballgame at either the new Yankee Stadium or Citi Field is another classic New York activity that will excite and impress your team. Both the Yankees and Mets look to be in contention for the 2017 season, so there should be plenty of exciting baseball to watch. If money is a concern, select your game carefully. Day games and games against lesser opponents tend to be less costly. The teams may also offer group discounts for games that are less in-demand.

Play sports and games. (Free/$-$$$)

Sports are a great choice for a sales team outing because they get representatives out from behind their desks and moving. They also foster a spirit of teamwork and cooperation among the department. Depending on your needs and budget, there several ways to play sports as a team. On the simpler end, you can bring a Frisbee or ball to a local park and start up a game.

Alternatively, several vendors around the city offer sports-themed team-building exercises. This include Chelsea Piers, which provides a range of sporting activities including rock climbing walls, bowling alleys, and more.

Go on a truly epic scavenger hunt. (Free/$-$$$)

Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids any more. Let your team explore the city in a scavenger hunt—either by organizing your own or using the services of cityHUNT or another vendor.

Sales team outings in NYC don’t have to involve copious amounts of alcohol to be fun. Use these ideas to help make your next team outing memorable.

James Meincke

James is the Head of Marketing @ Demodesk, the intelligent meeting platform for remote sales. Previously he was the Director of Marketing at CloserIQ.