Weekly Roundup – Nov 9, 2018

The CloserIQ Weekly Roundup is a list of some of the best content we’ve been reading recently. Check back every week to stay up to date on industry trends and advice on everything from sales and recruiting to tech and startup news.

Featured Article

Top Sales Books for Enterprise Account Executives

Enterprise Sales Books

Succeeding in enterprise requires mastery of many complex and constantly moving parts. It’s helpful to supplement your on-the-job learning with other sources. These sales books offer a full curriculum on enterprise, tackling everything from C-suite lingo to common objections: Read more >


Career + Job Advice

7 skills you’ll need to become a Sales Manager (Steli Efti of Close)
“At the end of the day, making the jump from sales rep to sales manager doesn’t need to be an insurmountable challenge.”

Top Skills for a Sales Resume (Alison Doyle of The Balance Careers)
“Sales skills are a subset of the skills necessary for many jobs, while other skills you need will vary from position to position, so be sure to read job descriptions carefully.”

Selling Strategies

How Talking to Your Customers (Not Emailing!) Increases Sales, Reduces Churn, and Builds Loyalty (Adrienne Barnes of Foundr)
“Your customers’ words matter, and the only way to know their words is to get on the phone and have a conversation.”

A Comprehensive Guide on Sales Prospecting (Abigail White of Inside Sales)
“Knowing how to effectively use sales prospecting can help a business boost sales and reach their sales goals in no time.”

Hiring + Recruiting

19 Recruiting Strategies to Make Hiring Your Top Growth Hack (BetterTeam)
“Implementing creative recruiting strategies will help get your jobs seen by candidates who are looking for a new role.”

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Interview (Deborah Liu of Facebook)
“Interviewing is often a fraught exercise. You’re threading the needle between selling yourself and your accomplishments, while also being humble and self-aware.”

Managing Teams

6 Ways to Make Your Sales Training Effective (Limor Maayan-Wanstein of Agile SEO)
“Sales training lays the foundation for future revenues by increasing your team’s satisfaction, loyalty and competence, all of which improve their interaction with the customer.”

11 Simple Questions to Assess the Maturity of your Sales Team (Anna Talerico of Openview)
“In my experience, at the $1 million ARR stage, most SaaS companies find themselves in one of two buckets. Either their sales organization is firing on all cylinders or falling apart at the seams.”

Essential Tech Reads

How Investors Use Metrics to Evaluate, Pick, and Reject Startups (Andrew Chen)
“The same skills needed to grow new products can be used both to evaluate new startups to invest in, and once we’ve invested; to help them grow.”

The Ultimate Guide to Gifting STEM toys: Tons of Ideas for Little builders (TechCrunch)
“There are a few devices in the market that are essentially fully fledged computers — but with a child-friendly layer applied to hand-hold and gamify STEM learning.”

What happens to employees after an acquisition? (Pitchbook)
“For companies backed by venture capitalists, a deal with a big price tag is often one of the best possible outcomes, resulting in payouts for investors, executives and rank-and-file employees.”

James Meincke

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