Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – Nov 30, 2018

The CloserIQ Weekly Roundup is a list of some of the best content we’ve been reading recently. Check back every week to stay up to date on industry trends and advice on everything from sales and recruiting to tech and startup news.

Featured Article

Tools Every Account Executive Should Have

The most successful Account Executives (AEs) aren’t just smart and driven. They also know how to make efficient use of their time, and stay on top of client relations. Of course, using the right tools makes these tasks a lot easier.

Here are seven indispensable tools every AE should try out. 
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Career + Job Advice

The Best Way to Pick Yourself Up and Move Forward After a Lousy Performance Review (Rachel Ernst of Reflektive)
“Instead of being reactive or defensive, you’ve turned this feedback into something useful. This will help you grow in your career and give good feedback to others in the future.”

These Are the Skills You Need to Make it in sales (Celine Maher of New Relic)
“My advice for people considering a career in sales development is to spend some time to better understand your strengths and discover what you love to do most.”

Selling Strategies

How to Use the Right Sales Data to Shorten Your Selling Cycle (Paul Grant of MarketStar)
“Though there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution to anything in sales, I’ve found that proper use of sales data and analytics tools can drastically reduce the time to close.”

Expanding Your Network of Prospects Within a Company (Adam Honig of Spiro Technologies)
“Sales is all about relationship building. But, not only is it important to build relationships, but it’s extremely important to build relationships with the right people.”

Hiring + Recruiting

Net Promoter Score for Recruiters and HR Professionals (Team Zoominfo)
“Employee NPS not only helps employers and HR professionals recruit and retain top talent—it also provides them with actionable benchmarks to improve the general employee satisfaction at their company.”

Five Tips That Will Save Every Recruiter Time (Ed Delgado of Indeed)
“Ultimately, it all comes down to spending more time on what matters most: hiring the best candidate for your open roles.”

Managing Teams

Struggling With Inside Sales Turnover? Coach Your Reps Through Rejection (Alex Lamascus of ringDNA)
“If you are struggling with inside sales turnover, it is likely the team is feeling underinvested, or a lack of optimism.”

Getting New SDRs phone-ready in two-and-a-half weeks (Dominic Atkatz of FLEXE)
“Onboarding new team members comes with an added critical element: these people have to get up to speed as quick as possible, and start contributing.”

Essential Tech Reads

The VC World Is Still a Boys’ Club — Here’s How to Change That (Entrepreneur)
“The issue is not simply that there aren’t enough women at the top. It lies instead with the talent pipeline: There are simply not as many women in the VC field to train and eventually transition into positions of leadership.”

Startup puberty: How to get from seed to Series A (Venturebeat)
“Maturing your startup is going to be awkward. The structure of your organization is going to expand and change in weird, uncomfortable ways. As the team grows, you’ll hire more experienced managers and turn zit-faced processes into scalable ones. It’s puberty for startups.”

From clowning to DJing: Where successful business leaders find inspiration (CNN Business)
“Given the amount of time many of us spend at work, it’s common to let what we do for a living define who we are. But having a hobby or interest outside of work can not only bring a better sense of work-life balance, it can also make us more productive and creative workers and better leaders.”

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