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12 Best Job Boards for Sales Roles

Job boards are a great place to find out about job openings. But the truth is that some boards are more useful than others when it comes to sales jobs. To identify the best opportunities for your goals, peruse these job boards.

1) The Ladders

The Ladders is a job recruitment site specializing in executive-level positions. All 200,000+ jobs posted to the site offer $80,000 a year or more in compensation, with most in the six-figures range. Job searchers can search based on field, salary, city, job title, and company.

The site offers career advice for people seeking to enter the executive level. There’s also an option to upload your resume and receive feedback on its effectiveness.

2) AngelList

If working at a startup is your goal, AngelList is your go-to site. AngelList has nearly 100,000 job listings from early-stage, mid-stage, and later stage startups. Search for a job that interests you, or peruse a list based on role or location.

AngelList is also a great source of information on startup news, including investments, acquisitions, and other relevant info that’s important to know before walking into an interview.

3) AA-ISP Career Center

The AA-ISP Career Center, which is sponsored by the Global Inside Sales Association, is a great resource if you’re seeking a position in inside sales.

Users can search for openings, post their resume, and find resources for career development in inside sales.

4) Glassdoor

As one of the leading general job boards out there, Glassdoor always has a steady stream of sales job listings. The site enables users to upload resumes, apply to jobs, and set up job alerts. But Glassdoor’s real benefit is in the wealth of information it provides about working at the company, including ratings of the company and executive leadership.

Even if you don’t plan on using Glassdoor to apply to jobs, it’s always useful to look up companies during the job search process. Read the reviews to try and get a sense of whether you’d be a good cultural fit, and pay particular attention to comments from sales professionals.

5) Indeed

Indeed is another general job board with a wealth of sales job listings. Information about company ratings and typical salaries are available. There are several ways to filter your search: location, company, salary, and experience level. You can post your resume and apply for jobs directly on Indeed.

When you want to cast a wide net of potential opportunities, Indeed is a great place to go.

6) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the primary professional networking site, so a presence there is a must for jobseekers. Companies frequently post job openings to the LinkedIn job boards, so it’s always worth a look. Applicants can apply to jobs directly on LinkedIn. One of the benefits of this method is that LinkedIn will tell you if there’s anyone in your network who has a connection with companies you’re interested in. You can also use the network to introduce yourself to potential contacts.

It’s likely that recruiters and hiring managers will take a look at your LinkedIn profile even if you apply through another method, so make sure that it’s in good shape before you start applying to jobs.

7) SalesGravy

SalesGravy offers a comprehensive job board for sales jobseekers. You can do a basic search for jobs in your area, or use one of the state-specific job boards. There are also advanced options to winnow your search based on industry, compensation, job title, and keywords.

There are more than 7,000 employers registered on the site. Since memberships are paid only, the site tends to attract highly reputable employers and recruiters. While you’re searching for jobs, SalesGravy’s SG University offers a number of free and paid courses to help salespeople refine their skills.

8) Mashable

You probably know Mashable as the top online news source for tech news. But it also offers job boards, including a comprehensive search tool and a board for sales jobs. Mashable offers a tool to build your online resume, and you can set up alerts for new job notifications. Many tech companies in the fundraising stages use Mashable, so it can be helpful to set up a resume there even if you don’t intend to use the site as a primary job board.

9) SalesTrax

More than 70,000 sales jobs are currently listed on SalesTrax. Once you’re registered, SalesTrax can match you with positions that are good fits for your qualifications and interests. Applicants can easily apply for jobs, and track applications, using the site.

SalesTrax also hosts in-person recruiting events in cities across the U.S. If you want to form a personal connection with hiring managers that goes beyond the computer, these events are a great opportunity for jobseekers.

10) MedZilla

MedZilla is a great resource for sales professionals who are seeking work in the healthcare and biotech spaces. Many top biotech companies are registered users.

You can browse jobs by location and job title. Users can sign up and post their updated resumes for free.

11) Ziprecuiter

Its user-friendly interface is one of the many standout features of Ziprecruiter. It’s a free platform that allows job seekers to browse through a lot of employment opportunity postings. It comes with a mobile app that allows the user to receive notifications which lets them know if an employer viewed their profile or if anyone has given it a thumbs up.

With its large database of job postings that’s ideal for job seekers and its convenient feature that allows employers to post vacancies to more than 50 job boards in one submission, it’s easily one of the best full-featured job search platforms out there.

12) Salesheads

With more than 110,000 active job listings, Salesheads offers a comprehensive database of sales positions, including many entry-level friendships. Basic membership is free, and users can apply to jobs directly from the site. If you sign up, new job postings that match your interests will be emailed to you as soon as they come up.

If you’re willing to spring for a premium membership at $24.99 a month, you can stand out as a Featured Applicant. Salesheads also offers a free resume critique service.

James Meincke

James is the Head of Marketing @ Demodesk, the intelligent meeting platform for remote sales. Previously he was the Director of Marketing at CloserIQ.