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Top Boston Startups with Female Founders

For job seekers, it’s worth paying attention to companies with women CEOs. There are many advantages to working at a company headed up by a woman.

According to one study of 45,000 business leaders, women receive higher marks on average for leadership effectiveness. Researchers believe that this is in large part because women are more likely to ask for feedback from others and use that feedback to improve. There’s also reason to believe that women are better deal-makers. In business, this translates to more opportunities for everyone.

So if you’re interested in working at a company that values teamwork and collaboration, you should definitely consider companies with women CEOs.

These 10 Boston companies were founded by women and are currently hiring sales professionals:

1) coUrbanize

coUrbanize is a technology enablement tool that makes it easier for real estate developers and urban planners to seek community input on potential development projects. The company aims to enable efficient urban development that meets people’s needs. Co-founder and CEO Karin Brandt founded the company in 2013, which came out of her graduate work at MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning.

coUrbanize cultivates a culture of teamwork. Its company mission is centered around community collaboration. Employees have opportunities to receive mentorship. See open roles

2) Gradeable

A newcomer to the edtech space, Gradeable enables teachers to grade assignments more easily and analyze results. Gradeable wants to empower teachers to hold students to high standards without eating up a ton of time for grading and record-keeping. Parul Singh, the CEO and founder, is an experienced software developer who attended MIT Sloane. The leadership team is all-female.

Gradeable is currently hiring for its school success/program development department, which combines sales and account management. The company has a collaborative environment unified by a commitment to improving education. See open roles

3) meQuilibrium

meQuilibrium is an engagement and performance company that helps employees reduce stress by utilizing behavioral psychology. The platform is clinically validated and can help improve employee engagement. CEO and co-founder Jan Bruce is a longtime leader in the wellness space, having sold her previous company to Martha Steward Living Omnimedia.

The company’s collaborative culture is driven by its mission to improve wellness in the workplace. meQuilibrium’s management enables autonomy while providing encouragement. The company’s work space and policies enable a healthy lifestyle. See open roles

4) CabinetM

CabinetM is an enterprise-level marketing technology management platform. The product helps digital marketing teams to assess the effectiveness of different marketing technology tools in use. It also eliminates redundancies and find new tools to fill gaps. The company was founded by Anita Brearton (now CEO) and Sheryl Schultz (President and COO). They met when running Golden Seeds Boston, an angel investment group focused on women entrepreneurs.

The company’s culture emphasizes collaboration and excitement around digital transformation. See open roles

5) FamilyID

FamilyID is working to simplify the process of online registration for youth sports, camps, and other activities. The company is making life easier for parents, coaches, and businesses that serve children. Founder and CEO Rochelle Nemrow was inspired to start FamilyID when she became frustrated with the time-consuming and repetitive process of registering her kids for activities. She previously worked in marketing consulting.

FamilyID has a collaborative culture that is centered around customers and values all contributors. They are a small company looking to expand the team. See open roles

6) Finomial

Finomial offers a range of products that allow investment funds to manage investments, remain compliant with legal regulations, and communicate with investors. It covers all aspects of the investment process. Founder and CEO Meredith Moss has held leadership positions at several top financial companies, including lead strategist for Equities Technology at Lehman. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Employees have praised the company’s management team for its support and encouragement. The company offers opportunities for employees to challenge themselves. See open roles

7) GNS Healthcare

GNS Healthcare is an innovator in the precision medicine space. It offers an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for biopharmaceutical researchers, health plans, and research institutions. The platform provides treatment options that are best-suited for individual patients. Co-founder Dr. Iya Khalil, who serves as Chief Commercial Officer, has a background in both entrepreneurship and physics. She has been recognized by President Obama as a leading entrepreneur in genomic medicine.

GNS Healthcare is heavily involved in biosciences research. The company’s culture is fun and challenging, creating an environment that isn’t just work-focused. See open roles

8) Kyruus

Kyruus offers a patient access solution that enables health systems to improve patient-provider matching, They aim to deliver a better healthcare experience for consumers. Patients are able to see providers more quickly, while providers fill up unused appointment slots. Co-founder and Chief Strategist Officer Julie Yoo holds an MS from Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology and an MBA from MIT Sloane.

The company’s culture is driven by its mission to improve healthcare for patients. Kyruus employees have opportunities to learn new skills and wear multiple hats. See open roles

9) Sustainable Minds

Sustainable Minds is making it easier for manufacturers to design and produce green products by promoting greater transparency. Its products allow users to see information about sustainability when making specification decisions. Founder and CEO Terry Swack has founded several companies and is a leader in the sustainable product design space.

The company’s culture is driven by its mission of promoting environmental sustainability for decades to come. See open roles

10) The Grommet

The Grommet partners with retailers and manufacturers to help the best new products succeed. Its success stories include Fitbit and Bananagrams. The company’s co-founders are Jules Pieri (now CEO) and Joanne Domeniconi (Chief Discovery Officer). Both have previously served in executive-level positions of large companies.

Company employees say the culture is fast-paced, challenging, and fun. The company also has received high marks for an inclusive culture. See open roles

James Meincke

James is the Head of Marketing @ Demodesk, the intelligent meeting platform for remote sales. Previously he was the Director of Marketing at CloserIQ.