Weekly Roundup – Jan 4, 2019

The CloserIQ Weekly Roundup features a list of the best content we’ve been reading recently. We’ve compiled some of our favorite reads to help you advance in your sales career and build top sales teams.

Featured Article

9 Bad Sales Habits Every Rep Should Avoid

Bad Sales Habit

Succeeding in sales is all about developing the right habits. But not all habits are sales-generating. The industry has changed a lot in recent decades, moving towards a consultative approach. Now, some once-hallowed practices will actively hinder your ability to connect with prospective customers and close deals.

If you’re still doing these things, you’re not offering real value to your customers: Read more >

Career + Job Advice

How to Give Your Resume a Makeover for 2019 (Eileen Hoenigman Meyer of Glassdoor)

“Remember, refining your personal brand gives you the chance to take stock of your professional goals and accomplishments.”

How to (Finally!) Find Work-Life Balance in Sales (Adnan Chaudhry of Salesforce)

“Pressure is part of the job, but there are many actions you can take to prevent that pressure from overwhelming your life.”

Selling Strategies

15 Effective Responses to A Prospect Who Chooses Your Competitor (Aja Frost of Hubspot)

“If the customer comes out and tells you that they’ve chosen your competitor and signed on the dotted line, you have a limited window where you can keep the relationship positive and keep the door open for future conversations.”

5 Results-oriented Sales Tips to Give you a Head Start in 2019 (Neha Tandon of TechnologyAdvice)

“The beginning of the year is often ideal for doing the homework needed to outline what your expectations are for the customer’s lifetime value.”

Hiring + Recruiting

4 Old-School Job Perks Employees Still Love Today (Ryan Holmes of Hootsuite)

“Learning, personal development and experimentation are critical for job satisfaction among Millennials and Gen Z.”

7 ways to streamline your hiring process in 2019 (Lindsay Tigar of FastCompany)

“For many who lead from the helm, streamlining the hiring process can make it a smoother process from posting a gig to taking someone out to lunch on their first day in the office.”

Managing Teams

How to Have a Kick-Ass Sales Kick-Off in 2019 (Adam Honig of Spiro)

“Show your positivity and enthusiasm for making a ton of cash this year, and your reps will follow suit.”

5 Must-Know Best Practices for Employee Development (Monika Nemcova of Harver)

“Whether you are a small, mid-size, or corporate organization, you must create an employee development program that will fit the needs of both your employees and your business strategy.”

Essential Tech Reads

What’s Coming: Tech Hiring Predictions For 2019 (Forbes)

“The coming year will likely see the continuation of trends we saw picking up steam in 2018. Talent specializing in AI and machine learning skills could be in top demand as organizations look to improve efficiency.”

Why your startup shouldn’t rush to $1 million in revenue (TechCrunch)

“Your startup may have the coolest tech, be in the biggest market and have the smartest team. No matter what your board says, remember revenue is NOT the primary indicator; it is simply an indicator.”

Unicorn IPOs Said To Accelerate As Public Markets Scare Everyone (Crunchbase)

“The more value you have locked up in your firm, the more that your eventual exit matters. And the larger you become, the less likely it is that some external company will snap you up; you’re going to have to go public.”

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