Weekly Roundup – Jan 11, 2019

The CloserIQ Weekly Roundup features a list of the best content we’ve been reading recently. We’ve compiled some of our favorite reads to help you advance in your sales career and build top sales teams.

Featured Article

13 Things to Expect During the Enterprise Sales Interview Process

Enterprise Sales Interview process

The job market for enterprise sales professionals is tough, and you can expect a rigorous interview process.

Here are thirteen things that are likely to happen during the interview—and how you can prepare for them. Read more >


Career + Job Advice

23 Essential Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing for an Interview (Margaret Olatunbosun of Lifehack)

“Questions give you tremendous insight into what the company expects from you. With the answers, you have the choice to either move forward with your application or decline an offer should you be presented with one.”

The Benefits Beyond Salary You Can — And Should — Negotiate For When You Get A New Job (Lucia Peters on Bustle)

“You might not be able to fix the wider systemic problem with just a single negotiation process for a single job — but you can try to work in some benefits to your new job that might make keeping your professional life and personal life well-balanced a little easier.”

Selling Strategies

5 Clever Ways to Get More Referrals in Sales (Ken Kupchik of Spiro)

“One of the biggest reasons why salespeople don’t get referrals is because it’s not a part of their sales process. If you incorporate it as part of your other activities, then you’ll never forget or neglect to ask for referrals.”

19 Closing Phrases to Seal a Sales Deal in 2019 (Emma Brudner of Hubspot)

“Objections often kill deals. But in this case, handling the objection is actually a way of closing the sale. Of course, this depends on the company’s ability to resolve the problem by a given date. But if a fix is possible, getting the customer to commit ahead of time is a clever way of turning a con into a pro.”

Hiring + Recruiting

Understanding the Reasons Why Job Applicants Reject Your Job Offer (Anand Srinivasan of Hubbion)

“A lack of interest in the product that your business is building is perhaps the biggest reason that jobseekers turn away. But beyond that, factors such as poor reputation and negative company culture played a significant role, too.”

14 Job Interview Tips from Fortune 500 CEOs and Top Hiring Execs (Lauren Cahn of The Hufftington Post)

“A lot of candidates think it’s better to over-answer than under-answer. For many interviewers, however, this type of response is concerning because it hints at the fact that the candidate doesn’t know how to follow directions”

Managing Teams

When does sales coaching become micromanaging? (Team RingDNA)

“There are two primary differences between sales coaching and micromanaging: how the feedback is delivered, and how the feedback is received. Sales coaches deliver their feedback in an empathetic, emotionally intelligent manner.”

Sales Team Management: How to Manage Reps During the Sales Process (Josh Slone of LeadFuze)

“Even though natural-born salespeople are very competitive by their very nature, it’s good to have competition for motivation. Additionally, it’s good for each rep to have their own VA for research and prospecting.”

Essential Tech Reads

60 big things: Scandals, scooters and the year that was in VC (Pitchbook)

“In the US, more VC-backed companies went public during 2018 than had in a number of years. Several of those startups debuted with billion-dollar valuations—and several of those highly-valued companies did so in short succession during the month of October.”

NYC Seed Funding Holds Steady as 2018 Draws to a Close (AlleyWatch)

“We ended the year with 46 seed deals, a total that was down 6% from Q3, but up 77% from this time last year. Those 46 deals brought in a total of $81.6M in funding, just 7% shy of Q3’s total, and up 54% from Q4 2017.”

How the U.S. Labor Market Will Change in 2019 (Inc)

“Staying up to date on which companies must comply–and how–will help prepare for any potential changes that could come in the following years.

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