Weekly Roundup – Feb 8, 2019

The CloserIQ Weekly Roundup features a list of the best content we’ve been reading recently. We’ve compiled some of our favorite reads to help you advance in your sales career and build top sales teams.

Featured Article

8 Sales Strategies for AEs to Close More Deals

Now that you’re an Account Executive, crushing your quota is even more important. But you can’t just stick to the the same playbook and old sales strategies that worked for you when you were an SDR. As an AE, you have new responsibilities and higher expectations.

The tactics that helped you succeed in the SDR role can still be helpful. At the same time, you should develop a new toolbox that help you crush it as an AE. Use these sales strategies: Read more >

Career + Job Advice

The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Checklist for Sales Professionals (Shaye Smith of The Center for Sales Stategy)

“Social selling and recruiting is a powerful part of the approach in our now transparent sales landscape. Every salesperson should embrace LinkedIn, and other channels, as they plan to approach and attempt to engage with new business prospects or potential new hires.”

13 Tips to Age-Proof Your Resume (Amy Elisa Jackson of Glassdoor)

“Employers care most about your recent work that matters for the roles they’re filling, not your experience from 15 or more years ago. As a result, give more detail about the positions you’ve held in the past 10–15 years that are related to your current job search and say less about your earliest jobs.”

Selling Strategies

Follow-Up Emails: The Smart Salesperson’s Guide (Colin Campbell of Sales Hacker)

“Committing to a strong follow-up sequence is one thing. How you approach each step in that sequence matters too. You should have a clear next step you’d like to achieve when you follow up. You should also understand what your prospect would want to achieve in a next step.”

a16z Podcast: Stories and Lessons in Enterprise Sales (Mark Leslie and Peter Levine)

“When you’re just starting out you want the Delta Force. You want resourceful people who had minimal resources and can react in a way and can pull up the people in a company.”

Hiring + Recruiting

How to Run an Effective Vetting Process for Candidates in 2019 (Caroline Forsey of Hubspot)

“A vetting process should allow you to filter out candidates who don’t have the skills necessary to succeed in the role. To do this, you’ll want to start by vetting the applicant’s resume, cover letter, and other application materials they’ve submitted for review.”

How to Hire People Who Are More Senior Than Yourself (The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten)

“Sometimes when it’s time to hire new staff for your startup, you may be in a situation where you’re hiring people who are much more senior than you, both in terms of age and experience. It can feel intimidating when this happens, but it really shouldn’t be.”

Managing Teams

Choosing the Right Sales Metrics for Management (Karen Rhorer of Atrium)

“All sales roles – whether it’s sales development rep, account executive, account management, or customer success – have one thing in common. Ultimately, for any sales discipline, there will be certain results they’re accountable for.”

Using Data To Run Your Sales Development Team (Tom LoMedico of InsightSquared)

“Maintain visibility in your team performance and understand from an activity and results standpoint where you are daily, monthly and weekly. It’s also important to maintain visibility in the overall company performance.”

Essential Tech Reads

Expanding your startup: When internationalization goes wrong (VentureBeat)

“With venture funding more plentiful, we now see more of a challenge with companies trying to go international too early. Often this is a company that is still refining its value proposition but has had some strong early growth in its home market.”

Recruitment Startups Realize, With The Help Of AI, Less Is More (Crunchbase News)

“While smaller startups may find the technical talent they need with the help of AI-powered recruitment startups, companies may still not achieve the targeted result: a great hire.”

These 10 well-paying tech jobs are perfect for people without a tech background (Business Insider)

“Compensation monitoring site Comparably recently compiled results from more than 14,500 users to determine the most popular jobs for people without a technical background, along with how much those positions pay.”

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