Weekly Roundup – Mar 20, 2019

The CloserIQ Weekly Roundup features a list of the best content we’ve been reading recently. We’ve compiled some of our favorite reads to help you advance in your sales career and build top sales teams.

Featured Article

6 Tips for Improving Your Sales Team’s Customer Service Skills

One thing that nearly every sales team needs to prioritize is constantly improving their customer service skills. Of course, every team understands that its customer service is the voice and face for its clients. As such, inappropriate handling of clients isn’t acceptable as it can damage the reputation of a company.

While small businesses expect to provide excellent customer service, only a handful of them train their workers to do the same. The first impression of a potential customer depends on their interaction with the customer service team. Read more >

Career + Job Advice

10 Signs Of A Toxic Workplace (Gabrielle Olya of GOBankingRates)

“If your boss is constantly making huge promises but nothing ever comes, this is a sign that the boss is either delusionally optimistic, or worse, trying to use [fantasies] to distract employees from the reality that the environment isn’t healthy”

How To Successfully Negotiate Your Salary (Script Included) (Caroline Forsey of HubSpot)

“However, negotiation can feel awkward and intimidating, particularly if you’ve never done it before. Here, we’re going to explore the best way to negotiate a salary to ensure you receive what you deserve.”

Selling Strategies

How To Nail A Sales Presentation (Mark Lindquist of Mailshake)

“That lack of planning in your presentations means you’ll likely end up using canned slides and just “winging it.” The allotted time then flies by as you rattle off buzzwords and memorized talk tracks, hoping that something sticks.”

How To Develop A Winning Sales Mindset: Critical Self Talk VS Pep Talk (Steli Efti of Close)

“But let’s step back for a second and talk about why self-criticism is important. Then we’ll get into why you’re probably going about it the wrong way and how you can use it to improve your sales mindset.”

Hiring + Recruiting

Improving Candidate Quality: Three Steps To Finding The Best Fit For Your Role (Team Indeed)

“Finding the best fit for a job isn’t easy, especially in a time crunch. Of course, when it works like it’s supposed to, it’s a great feeling — but when it doesn’t, you must either live with the situation or correct it later down the road, and that’s not pleasant for anyone.”

The Real Reason You’re Having Trouble Hiring Women in Sales (Cynthia Barnes of National Association of Women Sales Professionals)

“Fortunately, once you understand the most common mistakes companies make in attracting women to sales roles, fixing them becomes easier.”

Managing Teams

The Professional And The Personal: How To Build Closer Relationships With Your SDRs With Cognetik’s James Bawden (Collin Stewart of Predictable Revenue)

“But if SDRs are faced with that kind of stressful or difficult environment, it can be a significant blocker to professional growth and satisfaction.”

The Benefits Of Employee One-On-Ones And 3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Them (Heidi Lynne Kurter of Heidi Lynne Consulting)

“Companies are struggling to find a balance between automation and a human-centric approach to their employee experience. Automating processes can save time and money but if not used thoughtfully can negatively impact retention, productivity and employee engagement.”

Essential Tech Reads

To Get Big Faster, Younger Unicorns Start Buying Startups Sooner (Crunchbase)

“Eleven unicorn companies founded in 2007 took an average of roughly 8.33 years before making their first acquisitions. At time of writing, 29 unicorns founded in 2012 have made their first startup purchases, averaging just 4.1 years before doing so.”

Here Are The 85+ Startups That Launched At YC’s W19 Demo Day 1 (TechCrunch)

“Rather than all pitches happening on one stage, they were split across two stages (the “Pioneer” and “Mission” stages) running in parallel. So even if you were in the building, you couldn’t see all the pitches in person.”

Startups Lose In A Low-Rate World, And The Fed Is Blaming Itself (Bloomberg)

“Low interest rates may be driving big companies to buy up ideas, researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia argue in a new paper.

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