Weekly Roundup – Apr 10, 2019

The CloserIQ Weekly Roundup features a list of the best content we’ve been reading recently. We’ve compiled some of our favorite reads to help you advance in your sales career and build top sales teams.

Featured Article

Career Goals to Achieve in Your First Year as an AE

Congratulations! You’re now an Account Executive—but what’s next? To really set yourself up for success in the long run, it’s important to set achievable goals to guide your work during year one. Here are goals every AE should strive for right out of the gate: Read more >

Career + Job Advice

Top Women in Sales Share Their Insights on Sales Trends & Success (Sophia Seltenreich of Yesware)

“A few of these incredible saleswomen were kind enough to answer some questions about their keys to success and provide insights into sales trends. They’ve also dished out advice to other women hoping to develop and advance their sales careers.”

11 Ways to Stand Out during a Sales Interview (Team CloserIQ)

“If you’ve been to a network event or perused LinkedIn lately, you know there is a glut of job seekers out there. And with so many people vying for sales jobs, it can be tough to make yourself stand out during your sales interview.”

Selling Strategies

Don’t Just Sell Your Product—Sell Your Philosophy, Too (Steli Efti of Close)

“If you’ve built something, you’re an expert in that field. You’ve seen what your competition is offering. You’ve seen which features are useful and which are just distractions. You left those features out of your product for a reason. And you need to let prospects know that. To do that, tell prospects your story. Tell them why you chose to include the features you did. Tell them you didn’t set out to create a product with the most features—you set out to build one with the best features.”

How to Use Personalized Images in Your Cold Sales Emails to Get More Replies (Guillaume Moubeche of Lemlist)

“The fact that so many people are sending mass emails without any personalization whatsoever represents a huge opportunity to stand out from spammers and get more replies.”

Hiring + Recruiting

Are You Taking Advantage of the Reskilling Opportunity? (Alexandra Barca of Bullhorn)

“The good news is that there’s an opportunity for staffing professionals to do something about it, and change lives in the process. Reskilling—also known as retraining and upskilling—is the process of helping workers turn outmoded skills into ones that are highly applicable to the modern world.”

How Data Can Help You Find Talent in the Digital Age [Infographic] (Jackie Wiles of Gartner)

“Labor market information can inform your talent sourcing strategy as demand for talent converges on critical roles.”

Managing Teams

Sales Managers: Utilize Speech Analytics (Team Gryphon Networks)

“Sales teams are less frequently making calls in the same room on the same equipment, wherein the past managers could easily monitor sales activity and ensure compliance and quality. In today’s environment, where more and more teams are dispersed or remote, a speech analytics tool can provide relevant insights for sales leaders to manage their teams and hit their revenue goals.”

Predictable Ramp: It’s Not Just A Pipedream (Misha McPherson of HumbleGritSales)

“Most sales reps are genuinely driven not by money, but by success. They are dying to know how they are doing. Regardless of their generation or experience, your reps want to know if they are on the right track to hit their goals.”

Essential Tech Reads

Inside the Boom in $1B+ VC Exits (PitchBook)

“It’s surely no coincidence that the spike in $1 billion exits has mirrored a similar rise in the number of unicorns on the market.”

A Fintech VC Explains How to Go From Big Idea to Big Money (VentureBeat)

“What’s the difference between fintech startups that fail and the ones that disrupt entire industries? Find out first-hand from VCs and successful founders in this VB Live event, and get your own questions answered, too. It’s everything you need to travel the path from big idea to a successful company.”

These Straight Out Of Sci-Fi Companies Are Backed By Tech’s Best Investors (Forbes)

“Microorganisms you can program like computers. Robot security guards. Flying cars. Once upon a time, such ideas were the stuff of fiction. Today, future-forward companies are making them real. And backing those companies are some of the sharpest minds on this year’s Midas List.

James Meincke

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