10 Boston Companies with Great Sales Career Development Programs

In a high-growth environment, it’s easy to let career development slide in the pressure of everyday business. Role quotas, meetings, miscellaneous tasks, and responsibilities – the list of daily obligations is therefore endless.

High-growth companies should have a sales career development program

Every company could benefit from solid career development programs for their sales team. Below are just a few reasons why.

  • Helps attract + keep great salespeople. Attracting and retaining top talent is a huge challenge and a big expense. For this reason, career development can be offered as a benefit, that helps build loyalty, increase reputation, and bring in good people.
  • Build future leaders. Nobody knows your day-to-day and your customers better than your current employees – why not take advantage of that? A proper development program creates an internal pool of capable, promotion-ready workers.
  • Keeps team members engaged. Bored employees = a disaster. That is to say, when your team members are bored, they can get negative attitudes, sloppy work habits, and cause damage to both employee and customer relationships.
  • Saves + earns you money. A career development program shows how much employees matter to the company. And so, it inspires them to do better work for you in the long run. Consequently, that saves money in retention and earns more revenue.
  • You’re forced to look at the future. With a team of salespeople who are constantly growing professionally, you have to continuously look to the future, therefore, asking questions like: What kind of leadership will you need?, What will your customers need from your sales team?, and What industry changes might you expect?

10 Boston companies with great career development

Whether you’re looking for career development yourself and are scanning the job boards, or you just want to steal some lessons on developing these programs from successful, high-growth companies – check out this list from Boston. They’re all innovative, and they’re all currently hiring for sales roles.

1. BitSight

201-500 employees

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BitSight occupies the SaaS space, helping companies manage information security risk by using algorithms to produce daily security ratings. BitSight is a widely-used Security Ratings Service, and therefore, it’s growing fast. So, there is a lot of room for career growth and promotion, with excellent transparency from executives on what is needed. In short, they look for people with a “passion and drive for success.”

2. Botkeeper

career development 11-50 employees
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Botkeeper’s flagship product is a virtual robotic bookkeeper. In other words, it uses a combination of machine learning, integrated systems and software, and human assistance to take care of companies’ accounting needs. They’re a fast-growing startup that, consequently, provides lots of opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally. Equally important, new ideas are encouraged (and considered), great ones rise to the top, and opportunities to help grow the company appear often.

3. Bullhorn

career development501-1000 employees
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Bullhorn is a global leader in CRM and operations software for the recruitment industry. Headquartered in Boston, they offer generous perks and benefits, besides, their career development program is top notch – to the tune of promoting 5-10% of employees every 3 months.  

4. Cogito

51-200 employeescareer development
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Cogito uses AI to analyze the human voice on calls and help provide live, in-call guidance and real-time customer experience measurement for organizations’ agents. Additionally, they’re venture-backed and fast-growing, with ongoing professional development and cross-training programs as well.

5. DataRobot

201-500 employees
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DataRobot occupies the data science space. In fact, its automated machine learning helps users throughout organizations make simple, fast, and accurate business decisions consistently. DataRobot is “all about growth”, and that includes its employees. To that end, if you’re willing to learn quickly and work hard, there’s a lot of potential for professional advancement.

6. ezCater

Career development501-1000 employees
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ezCater is the world’s largest business-catering marketplace and the only one that operates nationwide. They use online ordering, on-time ratings, and reviews, in addition to, 5-star customer service, to connect business people with reliable catering anywhere, anytime. ezCater empowers its employees to lead autonomously, to celebrate successes, and most importantly – grow. Not only do they provide opportunities to move not just upward, but also sideways if management isn’t in your plan.

7. Gryphon Networks

Career development51-200 employees
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Gryphon Networks uses cloud technology and systems to capture, control, and visually sales and marketing activity from any number of applications or devices. As a result, this helps companies improve management effectiveness, outreach, and risk reduction. In other words, when you start working for Gryphon, they lay out the career ladder clearly – you’ll know what goals you need to hit and what to expect when you do. In a nutshell, they recognize good results and reward them.

8. InsightSquared

Career development51-200 employees
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InsightSquared equips revenue operations professionals with real-time intelligence on sales and marketing KPIs, in doing so, help them make better decisions. For this reason, businesses are able to forecast more accurately, manage pipeline better, tailor rep coaching, and more. Furthermore, they have an extensive sales training program that goes in line with a high priority on learning and development. In short, InsightSquared helps their people advance, often climbing multiple rungs on the ladder, as well as promoting from within.

9. Mendix

Career development201-500 employees
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Mendix is a platform that helps promote “intense” collaboration between businesses and their IT teams. That is to say, they help accelerate application development cycles while keeping security, quality, and governance high. In addition, Mendix invests heavily in the training and growth of its employees. Goals are clearly laid out, therefore, if you hit your numbers, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of opportunities to develop your career.

10. Snapapp

Career development51-200 employees
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SnapApp is a content marketing platform that helps marketers create interactive apps, widgets, and content modules. Indeed, these can then be used to engage prospects and discover intent to buy, and help pass sales-ready leads on to sales. Moreover, SnapApp challenges its employees to grow and develop their skill sets. In fact, their leadership is committed to promoting young and first-time managers into managerial positions, then helping them grow further.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss any Boston-area companies that are invested in developing their salespeople? Let us know!

Roxana Mead

Roxana is a Senior Manager and the Head of CloserIQ's Boston office. Previously, she was a Senior Account Executive at Hometeam Care and a Sales Associate at ZocDoc.