Top 11 Cybersecurity Companies in San Francisco

In the past decade, there have been hundreds of massive corporate data breaches across the U.S. Estimates suggest 4.5 billion records have been compromised, with the average breach costing a company over $150 million. Besides, cyber crimes like these are on the rise. In fact, there will be 200 billion connected devices by 2020. If those devices are not protected, serious problems will inevitably result.

Cybersecurity is a fast-growing field that has arisen out of necessity. To this end, an estimated $6 trillion will be spent annually by organizations to prevent cyber attacks. However, the potential cost of suffering a data breach is much higher. For this reason, every company, from Fortune 500s to small businesses, should be considering cybersecurity solutions before it’s too late. Consequently, this makes the field lucrative for anyone looking to start a career in the tech industry.

Top Cybersecurity Companies in San Francisco

Many San Francisco companies are innovating in the cybersecurity space. This is done through multiple hiring sales, engineering, marketing, and other positions. It’s a growing industry with lots of potential. In short, the perfect place to begin a promising long-term career.

1. Expanse

Cybersecurity companies San Francisco101-250 employees
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Expanse focuses on cybersecurity by allowing businesses to discover, track, and monitor their global online attack surface from a single unified resource. Furthermore, the team provides a continuously updated view of all connected assets that belong to an organization. Therefore, allowing IT operations and security teams to focus their efforts on reducing risk in the most vulnerable areas first.

Expanse is hiring for sales and other positions in its San Francisco office as well as offices in Atlanta, New York, and Washington DC.

2. ForgeRock

Cybersecurity companies San Francisco501-1000 employees
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ForgeRock is a leader in access management. In fact, it provides full edge security, profile and privacy protection, directory services, identity gateways, and identity management through its platform. As a result, it delivers all-in-one security and adaptive intelligence that constantly protects against risk-based threats across vectors.

ForgeRock is a competitive environment for potential new team members. In other words, you’ll work with only the best talent in the industry. Besides, they are currently hiring sales, marketing, and other positions in San Francisco and worldwide.

3. HashiCorp

Cybersecurity companies San Francisco251-500 employees
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HashiCorp provides multi-cloud infrastructure automation built around strong security. To this end, it allows consistent workflows to provision, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application, all without compromising an organization’s security.

HashiCorp is always looking for new team members to help provide secure application infrastructure to more clients. That is why the organization is currently hiring for sales and other positions in San Francisco and elsewhere.

4. Valimail

Cybersecurity companies San Francisco51-100 employees
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Valimail wants businesses to be able to trust their email again. With this in mind, fraud, hacks, privacy issues, and general security concerns are always a problem for companies sharing sensitive information. Consequently,  Valimail’s automated solutions provide brand protection, anti-phishing defenses, and more. In short, it is all to make communications private and secure once again.

Valimail considers its best asset, its team members. Besides, they bring all their passion and dedication to work every day. The company is currently hiring multiple sales, engineering, and success positions in its San Francisco offices.


Cybersecurity companies San Francisco51-100 employees
See open roles is an enterprise media processing company. It secures cloud technologies and provides intelligent scaling algorithms for the enterprise. In other words, whether an organization needs to optimize transport or manage media, can provide secure solutions that get the job done quickly, effectively, and affordably.

At the time of writing is not looking for new team members. However, interested parties are encouraged to submit their information to be considered for future positions.

6. Insight Engines

Cybersecurity companies San Francisco11-50 employees
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Insight Engines is a cybersecurity investigation platform. That is why, it helps companies to ask the right questions, to understand the data that matters, and to get answers at scale in seconds. Additionally, the company empowers investigations to reduce risk and solve skill gaps as efficiently as possible. Consequently, creating a safe and productive environment for teams of all sizes.

Insight Engines often opens up sales, product management, and related positions in its San Francisco office, so check out their openings whenever you’re on the job hunt.

7. Preempt

Cybersecurity companies San Francisco51-100 employees
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Preempt delivers a modern approach to authentication and identity security for the enterprise by offering continuous threat detection and conditional access everywhere. However, only approved parties will be able to utilize certain portions of a company’s data, and their identities can be verified and strictly controlled with ease by the IT department.

Preempt occasionally hires new developers, marketing, and sales personnel in its offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and Israel.

8. Rubicon

Cybersecurity companies San Francisco11-50 employees
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Rubicon Labs understands that connected devices need security. Besides, threats in the IoT sector are emerging every day, and with increased attack surfaces, end-to-end security is paramount. Therefore, Rubicon approaches this problem with a secure identity platform that verifies, controls, and monitors access to a company’s data on a minute level.

Rubicon Labs was only hiring engineers at the time of writing, but the team actively encourages new sales, marketing, and other talents to get in touch.

9. Solebit

Cybersecurity companies San Francisco11-50 employees
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Solebit offers real-time evasion-proof cyber protection against advanced attacks, zero-day threats, and malware before they impact an organization. It accomplishes this through powerful prevention and detection services that keep a constant watch over access and code executions. Moreover, this comprehensive coverage is remarkably effective at maintaining high-security standards for any organization.

Solebit is hiring multiple sales and engineering positions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

10. TruSTAR Technology

Cybersecurity companies San Francisco11-50 employees
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TruSTAR believes that intelligence management starts from within. Data that’s already inside of an organization is the most vulnerable, so through TruSTAR’s platform, companies can silo information across teams to deliver only the relevant data needed to accomplish a task.

TruSTAR frequently hires new team members for its San Francisco office who adhere to their core values.

11. UpGuard

Cybersecurity companies San Francisco11-50 employees
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UpGuard provides a better, smarter way to protect data and prevent breaches. The company’s products provide full control over risk detection for security and vendor management teams, all united in a single, powerful platform.


Cybersecurity companies are growing at an impressive pace, especially in San Francisco. Anyone with an interest in the field can join the above teams to secure a satisfying and important role in the future of data protection.

Matt Bowman

Matt Bowman is a Strategic Client Advisor at CloserIQ. Previously he was an Inside Sales Representative at Raycom Media.