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Top San Francisco Healthcare Tech Companies

The San Francisco Bay area is home to hundreds of startups. In fact, Silicon Valley is still on the leading edge of the tech industry. Thanks to a mature infrastructure, talented professionals, and a strong engineering tradition. That is why, it’s a great place for tech startups to make a name for themselves – including health technology companies.

Rapid and proprietary technological advancements have made these types of companies exciting places to work. Therefore, whether it is connecting patients to the right doctor for them, creating communities for those with chronic conditions to support each other, or even just helping people and employers identify insurance they can afford.

Consequently, if you’ve ever wanted to move into the healthcare tech space, or you just find it interesting to follow – these are the San Francisco companies to check out in 2019.

10 best San Francisco Healthcare tech companies

1. Collective Health

San Francisco Healthcare Tech501-1,000 employees
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Collective Health is the first integrated solution that allows self-funded employers to administer healthcare plans to their employees. According to the Collective’s website, only 4% of Americans understand common health insurance terms. That is why, the organization clarifies things, helping members find a doctor, ask questions about care, check coverage “on the go” with an app, and more.

On the tech side of things, Collective Health analyzes employers’ programs, identifies which specific members would benefit from which programs, and provides those insights. Besides, Collective Health is hiring for a variety of sales roles.

2. Grand Rounds

San Francisco Healthcare Tech201-500 employees
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Grand Rounds also presides in the healthcare insurance tech sector. For this purpose, they use a data-driven “matching engine”. In fact, Grand pinpoints doctors in the customer’s network who are best equipped – in both experience and geography – to address their needs. Afterward, in-house experts double-check that recommendations are the best for you, and like Collective Health, help you to understand the ins and outs of your healthcare experience.

Grand Rounds is currently hiring for an enterprise sales director and several sales operations roles.

3. Hinge Health

San Francisco Healthcare Tech51-200 employees
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Hinge Health helps people who have musculoskeletal (body) pain. With this in mind, they believe that 80% of patients don’t get evidence-based care. Also, that  2/3 of surgeries are avoidable, and opioids aren’t effective for chronic pain – bold claims. Instead of prescribing opioids or surgery to correct chronic pain, Hinge Health uses a 3-tiered approach combining technology with exercise.

To begin with, customers are given wearable sensors that provide real-time feedback on how well you’re doing an exercise and a tablet with the Hinge Health app and a digital program installed. After that, when wearing the sensors, customers are taken through a 15-minute exercise program. In addition, They’re educated on their condition and given behavioral health coaching – all through the program and sensors.

Hinge Health boasts a 60% reduction in pain and is hiring for several director positions in San Francisco.


San Francisco Healthcare Tech51-100 employees
See job openings is an app to help employees get the mental health support they need – on demand. To that end, it includes behavioral health coaching, teletherapy, telepsychiatry, and guided self-care. Using data science and virtual care,, consequently, helps people get much-needed mental health support without having to find time to commute to an office. was developed by collecting billions of points of data from people’s interactions with their mobile phones.  Those same points of data now power “the world’s most advanced behavioral health system, empowering a team of high-quality coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists.”

Ginger is currently hiring for a regional sales director position.

5. Arterys

San Francisco Healthcare Tech51-200 employees
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Arterys is the world’s first online medical imaging platform. In fact, they’re FDA-cleared, powered by Artificial Intelligence, and 100% web-based. It allows physicians to upload medical imaging – MRIs, CT scans, etc. – to one cloud supercomputer, with AI-assistance helping accelerate clinical workflows.

Arterys’ solutions help physicians analyze, share, collaborate, and consult on medical imaging, particularly for cardiac (heart), liver, lung, and breast tissue imaging.

They are currently hiring for several sales manager positions.

6. Lively

San Francisco Healthcare Tech11-50 employees
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Lively provides a free, FDIC-insured Health Savings Account (HSA). Using proprietary payroll syncing capabilities, they connect with all the major online payroll systems that employers use. Besides, Lively makes HSA management seamless, automated, and 100% online – no paper here. This helps automate the manual and tedious tasks of running employee HSA administration.

Lively is hiring for strategic and business development roles.

7. Glow

San Francisco Healthcare Tech11-50 employees
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Glow offers fertility products. Their flagship is a fertility tracker app that helps women track their natural cycles and get pregnant – and it increases those odds by 40%. However, they also offer a management platform (PAAS) for fertility clinics. By assisting with analytics, conversion rates, patient support, etc, it streamlines manual processes.

Glow also provides many other fertility programs, plans, and solutions to help customers save money and achieve their pregnancy goals. Besides, Glow is hiring across a range of sales positions.

8. Augmedix

501-1,000 employees
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Augmedix is powered by Google Glass and provides a remote scribe service. To this end, doctors simply wear the glasses and assess their patients, while Augmedix provides a team of real-time, quality-controlled, customized remote scribes to take care of patient charting and many other administrative tasks.

Since Augmedix can take over documentation and administrative tasks, this allows clinicians to focus on the patient, not the paperwork. Therefore, patients get more time with doctors, and doctors have the time to spare. They’re currently looking for an enterprise sales manager.

9. Verana Health

11-50 employees
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Verana Health is a platform that assembles all the largest clinical databases in medicine together in one place. By doing so, they make it easier for life science companies to speed up medical research, identify trial patients, and gain a deeper understanding of patient experience. By making so much research easier to reach, they also empower physicians with data-driven insights into patient conditions and treatment options.

Verana is currently looking for a director of sales operations.

10. Remedly

11-50 employees
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Remedly is an integrated software solution for doctors: dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and med spas. In short, it puts everything in one place. Things such as electronic health records, patient portal, analytics, revenue cycle, and marketing. As a result, this helps healthcare providers to better manage their practices, improving patient care, productivity, and revenue – all while staying HIPAA compliant and being able to access it from anywhere.

Remedly is currently hiring SDRs in San Francisco.  

Matt Bowman

Matt Bowman is a Strategic Client Advisor at CloserIQ. Previously he was an Inside Sales Representative at Raycom Media.