weekly roundup October 2 2019

Weekly Roundup – October 02, 2019

The CloserIQ Weekly Roundup features a list of the best content we’ve been reading recently. We’ve compiled some of our favorite reads to help you advance in your sales career and build top sales teams.

Featured Article

How To Generate More Sales Lead

Much has changed in lead generation in recent years, but one thing remains the same: Generating leads is critical for success as a sales professional. The more leads you’re able to develop, the better chance you have of meeting or exceeding quota. With today’s market, salespeople need to be more creative and imaginative in creating strategies on how to generate more leadsRead more >

This and more of our favorite reads this week…

Five Ways to Improve Communication with Current Customers (Team Sandler Training)

“As sales professionals, we sometimes run the risk of over-focusing on the close. By that I mean we secure the first agreement to do business, but then lose track of how important it is to maintain a strong ongoing relationship with current customers – a relationship with honest, continuous two-way communication as its foundation.”

Top Sales Books for Every Stage of Your Sales Career (James Meincke of CloserIQ)

“Successful salespeople and leaders should constantly be looking to learn more and hone their skills. And reading a book is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to up your sales game.”

10 Subject Line Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates in Sales (Team Salesloft)

“We all know that making a good first impression is important. Even if you are the most interesting, funny, entertaining person out there (which we’re sure you are),  a bad first impression can deter people from wanting to get to know you more.”

Experts Weigh In: Top Strategies to Close Deals at End-of-Quarter (Charlotte Leasia & Catherine Aragon of Sales Hacker)

“It helps to have some proven tips for closing the deals in your pipeline and hitting your target. To figure out what’s working today, we partnered with Outlaw to survey top sales professionals to get their best tips.”

10 Types of Sales Job: How to Choose the Right Career in Sales (Stephanie Lee of Zendesk)

“To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most common types of sales jobs to apply for, starting with the most entry-level positions and ending with the more tenured sales jobs.”

How to Tap Your Professional Network to Generate Job Offers (Anish Majumdar of IvyExec)

“Networking. You know you should be doing more of it. But it can be a drag, and, without a clear goal in mind, it frequently gets added to the list of things that fall by the wayside. When an executive refers you to a role at his or her company, the odds of your landing that job is nearly 90%.”

8 Ways to Increase Employee Retention (Princy of Zoho)

“The numbers confirm the damage it can cause: Recent data indicates that it costs as much as 33% of a worker’s annual salary to replace them—that’s a lot of money, especially if you lose a high-level employee.”

Why Finding Team Players Matter When You Hire Salespeople (RingDNA Staff)

“According to CEB, the most effective sales teams no longer focus on individuals, but on teamwork.”

Everything You Need to Know About Data in Sales ( Allie Decker of Hubspot)

“The cost of acquiring new customers continues to rise, sales teams need to focus on targeted efforts to preserve resources.”

3 Steps to Quickly Build (and Scale) a High-Performing Sales Team (Nadia Rashid of Sales Hacker)

“This new challenge was thrilling, but nerve-wracking, too. Needless to say, I wanted to make an impact fast, as the company’s objective hit so close to home. ”

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James Meincke

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