Weekly Roundup – October 16, 2019

The CloserIQ Weekly Roundup features a list of the best content we’ve been reading recently. We’ve compiled some of our favorite reads to help you advance in your sales career and build top sales teams.

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7 Traits I Look for When Hiring Sales Talent

There are seven things sales reps need to have if they’re going to be successful. That applies to reps looking for their first jobs just as much as it does to people with decades of experience.

Steli Efti, CEO of Close, shares tips on what to look for when hiring a phenomenal salesperson. Read more >

This and more of our favorite reads this week…

What Sales Professionals Should Look For in a Tech Startup (James Meinckie of CloserIQ)

“Working at a startup can offer many opportunities to learn new skills and assume significant responsibilities. But before accepting a job offer at a startup, you should thoroughly vet the company so that you can better determine whether it’s a fit for your professional aspirations.”

Delivering Tough Feedback as a Sales Leader (Alexandra Adamson of WISE)

“As people working in different areas have to be aligned, it is hard for each team member to know for sure if they’re doing the right thing. Whether positive or negative, giving feedback is the best way to guide an employee toward the right path and keep the team aligned. ”

How Do You Build Rapport With Customers? (Mike Schultz of RAIN Group)

“The consequences of selling are profound, and it all starts with building rapport. The fundamental question of whether someone likes you or doesn’t drive a significant portion of how your selling process and the customer’s decision process will go.”

Self Employed: What You Need to Know to Be Your Own Boss. (Lestraundra Alfred of Hubspot)

“While being able to call your own shots sounds glamorous on the surface, being your own boss takes hard work, dedication, and incredible focus — with no guarantee of pay, benefits, or success in your field.”

3 Ways to Overcome Impostor Syndrome in the Workplace (Emily Fu of Indeed)

“While it’s completely normal to doubt yourself from time to time when those thoughts become a consistent narrative, it might signify something more.”

How to Conduct a Behavioral Interview (Team Glassdoor)

“The interview process is where you have the most control over who fills your employee roster. Behavioral-based interviewing is a technique used by many companies to find out more about a candidate’s skills, attitudes, and values.”

Why Do Cultural Diverse Sales Teams Perform Better (Haley Smith of Leveleleven)

“Understanding potential customer’s needs and effectively communicating a solution to them is one thing, but connecting to the prospect on a personal level makes a sale much more likely.”

Inspire Your Millennial Salespeople to Sell with Passion (Danita Bye of SalesGravy)

“The world of sales is extremely stressful. In a hyper-competitive industry filled with giants, we need Millennials with superior sales acumen. But as wise leaders, we also have a responsibility towards the well-being of our up-and-coming sales leaders.”

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James Meincke

James is the Head of Marketing @ Demodesk, the intelligent meeting platform for remote sales. Previously he was the Director of Marketing at CloserIQ.