Weekly Roundup – November 20, 2019

The CloserIQ Weekly Roundup features a list of the best content we’ve been reading recently. We’ve compiled some of our favorite reads to help you advance in your sales career and build top sales teams.

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9 Qualities of a Modern Sales Leader

Successful sales leaders are competitive, energetic, driven, passionate, communicative, inspiring, etc. Great sales leaders take these traits and combine it with their knowledge of the current sales scene as they integrate new technologies for modern selling: Read more >

This and more of our favorite reads this week…

7 Insider Secrets to B2B Sales Success (Marc Wayshak of Sales Insights Lab)

“So much of B2B sales success hinges upon where you introduce yourself into a prospect company. While there are only one or two entry points in the consumer sales world (since most families only have one or two consumers in them) there are many different key actors in each business.”

How to Achieve Maximum Sales Efficiency (Sean Callahan of LinkedIn)

“According to LinkedIn’s State of Sales report, salespeople spend about 40% of their time actually selling. The remainder of their day is spent updating their CRM, filling out expense reports, training, and sitting in internal meetings.”

How to Handle Price Objections (Steli Efti of Close)

“Basically every sales objection can be hidden behind the price objection. It’s your responsibility as a salesperson to find out what the real issue is. To solve their problem, you must first know what it is.”

What Type of Sales Job Is Right for You? (Peter Vogt on the Monster blog)

“If you’re a hunter at heart, you probably won’t like — or excel at — a sales job that requires the cultivating temperament of the farmer. Conversely, if you’re a farmer deep down, you’ll likely prefer to leave the hunting to someone who thrives on the thrill of the chase.”

5 Insider Tips for Acing a Sales Job Interview (Chris Taylor on TheMuse blog)

“Most interviewers will ask you for specific examples of how you’ve displayed your skills in a real situation in the past. Thinking up answers on the spot is challenging, so do yourself a favor. Spend time in advance thinking of stories from your work experiences that illustrate your skills.”

10 Ways to Gain Credibility in Your Sales Career (Alexandra Adamson of Women in Sales Everywhere)

“Do not be afraid to go a little beyond the scope of your job to help out. After all, you are supposed to know more about the business than the client. Be like a “guide” on this journey to them and give tips, advice, contacts, or any extra information they might need.”

5 Ways to Overcome Burnout in Sales Teams (Sarah Chambers of Chatra)

“Studies have shown that taking time off can actually help boost productivity. When we’re well-rested and in a good place mentally, we do our best work. It makes sense. Every other aspect of life requires breaks so, work should be no different. ”

How Top-Tier Revenue Leaders Guarantee ‘People Success’ (Sheena Badani of Gong.io)

“Focus your feedback on known problems. Get clear on what they are, then make a plan with reps to solve them. This means understanding the gap between where you are and where you’re going. Clarify what works and what doesn’t, then implement better solutions.”

How to Hire for “Job Fit” over “Culture Fit” (Emily Lambert of Plum)

“When interviewers and hiring managers see the candidate only through this lens of initial biases, they gather proof to confirm why the do or do not like the candidate. The outcome of this confirmation bias can too easily be “Well, they just weren’t a great culture fit.”

The Sourcing Secrets That Will Help You Nurture and Win Top Talent (Melissa Suzuno on the Greenhouse blog)

“The best recruiters know that making a hire is rarely a “one and done” transaction. Instead, they look for ways to build and nurture relationships with candidates over time. And while a shift in your mindset is a helpful first step, there are tools of the trade that can help boost your relationship-building abilities.”

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