Weekly Roundup – March 11, 2020

The CloserIQ Weekly Roundup features a list of the best content we’ve been reading recently. We’ve compiled some of our favorite reads to help you advance in your sales career and build top sales teams.

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Everything You Need to Know About Non-Compete Clauses

non-compete clause

Many organizations will ask new hires to sign non-compete clauses before coming aboard.

Before signing a non-compete clause, you should understand what they are and how they are (or are not) legally enforced. Read more >

This and more of our favorite reads this week…

How to run a great discovery call (Alexandra Adamson of WISE)

“When making the call, you should know your objectives beforehand. Similarly, your prospect needs to know what to expect as the conversation begins.”

How to write a great sales prospecting email (Haley Smith of LevelEleven)

“Make the email personal. Before you even begin writing, spend time researching your prospect and uncovering their pain points.”

How to sell over the phone and win (Joe Latchaw of itelligence North America)

“When learning how to sell over the phone, focus on your attitude. In phone sales, the people you’re talking to can’t see you, so you’ve got to have an attitude that “embodies selling.””

So you joined a startup as the first sales hire… now what? (Davey Friedman of Matik)

“Implement a system of good data-hygiene as soon as you can. The longer you take to implement a CRM, the harder it will become, and the more work you’ll have to do in the meantime.”

The battles of starting your first prospecting role (James Buckley of JBarrows Sales Training)

“It’s not difficult to see why it could be overwhelming to take on a new prospecting role at any new company. It takes great planning skills, not only for the people that hired you, but for YOU, in order to be prepared to take on the role you’ve been hired for.”

How to move from sales to a sales recruiting role (Eric Goldschein of Fundera)

“As it turns out, sales and recruiting have many corresponding skills that can make a transition from one into the other fairly seamless. You need to be a great listener, to be able to read between the lines in a conversation, to stay organized, and to manage the needs of many stakeholders.”

Hiring For Sales? Look For The ‘Six C’ Character Traits (Julie Thomas of ValueSelling Associates)

“Traits are distinguishing qualities or characteristics of a person’s behavior. When you interview someone for a top sales job, you want to feel their energy and know they will be aligned with the purpose of your organization.”

How to Hire Your First Chief Sales Officer (Lestraundra Alfred of Hubspot)

“The role of Chief Sales Officer is often regarded as the highest sales position in a company. While the exact organizational structure varies by company, typically the CSO directly manages their company’s VP of Sales and is ultimately responsible for overseeing all sales activities for their company.”

3-Step Framework for Leading Effective Sales Coaching Conversations (Mike Schultz of RAIN Group)

“Commitment making and a commitment review process increases action and serves as an informal accountability. Even if they don’t report to you, people are more likely to meet their commitments when they make them public, written, and reviewed.”

How to lead a sales team without micromanaging everyone (Steli Efti of Close)

“Micromanagers feel that they must consistently control their employees. They are always monitoring everything at work and continuously operate at high levels of stress, which stresses out their employees and can hinder work relationships.”

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James Meincke

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