Weekly Roundup – August 12, 2020

This week on the CloserIQ Weekly Roundup, we’ve compiled some of the best content to help you manage remote work and life in this new environment.

Featured Article

9 Tips to Build Trust and Confidence with Prospects

Trust is one of the most important factors in closing a deal. More than half of decision-makers say that trustworthiness is the most important quality they look for in a salesperson.

While the idea of trust can sometimes feel a little vague, the good news is that establishing trust with a prospect isn’t magic. It can be accomplished through preparation, strong listening skills, and empathy.

To build trust, make these actions part of your sales process: Read more >


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Ystine Ompad

Ystine is a Content Writer at CloserIQ. Previously, she worked as a Recruitment Specialist at The Berkner Group.